We used a sol-ark and fortress lithium ion batteries to bring poser to this off-grid farm outside of Albany, Georgia.


Off-grid systems are designed for total independence from the utility grid, suitable for remote locations or for users seeking complete autonomy over their power supply. These systems require a robust setup that includes not just solar panels, but also sufficient battery storage and often backup generators to ensure a continuous power supply. Off-grid living frees the homeowner from utility bills and grid dependability issues but requires careful planning to ensure that the system can handle all energy needs throughout the year, including during periods of low sunlight and high usage.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar

✅ Complete control over electricity usage and independence from utility prices.

✅ No monthly electricity bills or dependency on grid infrastructure.

✅ Ideal for remote areas where grid access is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

off grid solar system

Downsides to Full Off-Grid Solar

❌ Requires significant upfront investment in a comprehensive system.

❌ Needs meticulous planning and management to match energy production with consumption.

❌ Generally requires backup solutions, like generators, for added reliability and power security.

off-grid hunting cabin

Off-Grid Solar System Applications

The beauty of off-grid solar power is that it can be utilized anywhere the sun shines.

We can provide stand alone off-grid solar power systems for:

✅ Remote Homes and Cabins

✅ Workshops

✅ And Much More

How to Find the Right Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar systems are made up of four main components: the solar panels, the inverter, the charge controller, and the battery bank. The size and model of each of these parts varies greatly depending on what the solar energy is being generated to power. Whether you are looking to simply power a well pump or provide electricity for an entire cabin, it is best to speak with a solar expert to identify and install the best possible system.


A Few Off-Grid Projects

off-grid hunting cabin
Small ground mount array for off-grid hunting cabin
We used a sol-ark and fortress lithium ion batteries to bring poser to this off-grid farm outside of Albany, Georgia.

Other Services

Large grid tie system with a secure power supply outlet, in Moultrie, Georgia.

Grid-Tie Solar

Image 2 - Grid tie and battery backup with a lithium-ion phosphate battery, for this customer in Albany, Georgia.

Hybrid Solar

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