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  • Why should I get solar power?

    Almost any major purchasing decision has its pros and cons, but there are many financial and environmental benefits in choosing solar to power your home. You can get a system installed on your home for zero down and immediately benefit from a greatly reduced electric bill. And if you’re concerned about both the environment and your budget, solar power is also one of the greenest sources of electricity.

  • Is my home a good candidate for solar?

    Do you own your home? Does your roof get direct sunlight for most of the day? If you answer “yes” to both of these, you’re probably a good candidate for solar.

    Such factors as your home’s location, the amount of shade your roof receives, your roof type and its total square footage all need to be considered in your decision of whether or not to go solar, because all these factors will affect the amount of electricity your solar system is able to produce. Ideally, you will want to install a solar electrical system in a location free of shade due to overhanging trees or other structures that are taller than your roof.
    Even if your home does not completely meet these conditions, you may still see huge benefits from going solar. For more information about how this applies to your home or business contact us.

  • Can I afford to purchase a solar system, and if so, how?

    Going solar can be done on almost any budget. A Solar Pro will custom design your system with your financial goals in mind. When you decide to make the switch and go solar we offer 2 purchasing options:

    Option 1: Cash purchase
    A cash purchase is the simplest option and allows for the largest financial returns. A solar installation purchased with cash can pay for itself in 10 years or less, well within the system’s 25-year warrantied lifetime. In fact, during its lifetime your system may produce tens of thousands of dollars in savings even after it is paid for. A 26 percent federal tax credit and rising electricity rates can both help to save you even more money by going solar

    Option 2: Using a loan to pay for solar
    We partner with ezSolarloan.com to provide an option to finance your solar system through their easy to use Community 1st Credit Union.
    Financing your solar system is a great option if you are looking to go solar for zero down. You’ll receive a 26 percent federal tax credit and your electric bill savings will start right away. In the beginning your loan payments could be slightly more than your electricity bill, but as the electricity provider raises their rates and electricity bills rise your loan payment will stay the same, saving you money in the long run.

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