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Our custom designed solar systems can be designed for your home or business. We design and install several types of solar panel systems, grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid systems.

Residential & Commercial Solar Installations​

Don’t overpay and get direct-to-installer pricing. We design, install, and service solar systems for both residential and commercial properties in South Georgia, Central Georgia, and Northern Florida.

Have an Existing Solar System Needing Attention?

In addition to installing systems, our team also offers diagnostic and repair services for existing installations. Such services include system audits to ensure functionality and repairs on system components.


This is a solar power system that is connected directly to the local utility grid. Energy produced by your solar panels is used first, and any excess energy is sent back to the grid, earning you credits on your utility bill. However, if the grid goes down, your solar system will automatically shut off due to safety regulations. Grid Tie solar is usually the best option if you want to maximize your savings and backup power is not a priority.

Lower Electricity Costs
Ability to Sell Back Excess Energy
Increased Home Value
Available for Renters or Leasing
Works when the Power Grid is Down


This is similar to a standard Grid-Tie system but includes a battery and hybrid inverter. This means that instead of sending all of your excess power back to the grid, you can instead store some of that power for later use. A Grid -Tie system with battery backup can even power your home (or a portion of your home) in a grid down situation. Grid tie with battery is usually the best option if you want to benefit from electric savings while also having backup power.

Battery Backup Solar System, The Best of Both Worlds
No More Blackouts
Load Shifting for Maximum Bill Savings
Low Startup Costs
Unlimited Storage


This system is primarily powered by the utility grid, but also includes a smaller solar panel and battery system to provide power to selected loads (specific appliances or sections of your home or business). It’s especially useful during power outages or for essential devices that require uninterrupted power. It can’t fully power your home on its own, but can keep essential functions running without the grid. Partial off grid is usually the best option if you are not as concerned with long term electric savings, and instead want a backup power with a lower upfront cost.

Battery Backup Solar System, The Best of Both Worlds
No More Blackouts
Load Shifting for Maximum Bill Savings
Low Startup Costs
Unlimited Storage


This system is completely independent of the utility grid. It’s designed to generate and store all the electricity you need from solar panels and a battery storage system. You’re entirely self-sufficient with this setup, so you won’t have to worry about power outages or utility rates. However, it’s crucial to size the system correctly to ensure you have enough power year-round, including during the shorter, darker days of winter. Full off grid is usually the best option if you are not concerned about upfront cost and instead want to prioritize being 100% self sufficient and full eliminating your electric bill.

No Electricity Bill
Can Be Used Anywhere
Many Applications
Least Expensive Option
Unlimited Storage

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Our Working Process​



Once you submit a form or call us, we will reach out to learn more about your needs, go over financing and research your home.



After we take all the factors into consideration, we advise on the best option for you and make an offer.



Upon approval, we get to work.



Our installation is done carefully and diligently. We audit all of work as we go to guarantee quality.

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Here’s What Our Client Say About Us​

“Jacob gave us the best price and system. Great crew, easy to talk to. Jacob took the time to explain it all to us. I highly recommend them!”​

Jim I.​


Wonderful local company that takes care of you from start to finish. Competitive pricing and products. Highly recommend!

E Brown


Jacob and his team were a pleasure to work with and delivered an extremely professional final product. They answered all of our questions thoroughly and left us with all the instructions and paperwork we needed. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Jessica Stilwell


I have never questioned my decision to work with Georgia Solar Pros for my initial solar panel installs, or the recent (January) battery install. Consummate professionals. Always (and I mean ALWAYS) respond to e-mail/text inquiries or questions the same day. Answer questions thoroughly and in language that I can understand. Thank you, Jacob and your team.

LarrBear Ninas