Custom Designed Solar Systems


Our custom designed solar system can be designed for your home or business. We design and install several types of solar panel systems, grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid systems.

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Grid-tie Solar

This system is best if you are looking for the least expensive option. 

Off-Grid Solar

This is the best system for electricity demand in locations not currently tied to the grid (i.e. cabins or RVs).  Battery backed systems can also be used in smaller applications like, well pumps and light posts.

Hybrid Solar

This is the best system if you are looking to have a backup source of power during blackouts or want to further reduce your electric bill.


Home with solar panels above garage

Are you interested in a solar system for your home or business?  Contact Us today for a custom tailored design to suit your needs.

Another large grid tie with battery backup system in Hawkinsville, Georgia.
Custom designed solar systems come in many sizes
Image 4 - Small grid tie system in Albany, Georgia.
Home with a custom designed solar panel system installed

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