Off-Grid Solar Systems

An off-grid solar system is a stand alone source of power for generating usable electricity from the sun.  The defining feature of an off-grid system is the battery. By being able to store the excess power harnessed during the day, a battery allows an off-grid solar system to deploy electricity during the night or periods with excessive cloud coverage.  Off-grid solar systems are best for you if you are looking for a way to generate and store electricity in a remote location.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar

No Electricity Bill

Going completely off the grid is the only true way to eliminate 100% of your dependence on the electric utility grid. 

Can Be Used Anywhere

Obviously, off-grid implies solar that can be used anywhere the sun shines.  Off-grid solar makes it possible to provide electricity in remote locations.  

Many Applications

Off-grid solar powers everything from calculators to mining operations.  With an endless amount of panels and battery banks, off-grid solar is truly one of the most versatile ways to generate electricity. 

Downsides to Off-Grid Solar

High Price Tag

Although the price of solar panels have gone down drastically in the last ten years, the price of batteries has yet to catch up.  

Limited Storage

An off-grid solar system is limited simply by the amount of storage available.  If you are in an area with a lot of cloudy days or plan to use a lot of electricity at night, a very large battery will be required to maintain uninterrupted power.

Off-Grid Solar System Applications

The beauty of off-grid solar power is that it can be utilized anywhere the sun shines.  We can provide stand alone off-grid solar power systems for:

  • Remote Homes and Cabins
  • Workshops
  • And Much More
Solar Panel Mounted on Grass

How to Find the Right Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar systems are made up of four main components:  the solar panels, the inverter, the charge controller, and the battery bank.  The size and model of each of these parts varies greatly depending on what the solar energy is being generated to power.  Whether you are looking to simply power a well pump or provide electricity for an entire cabin, it is best to speak with a solar expert to identify and install the best possible system.

Are you interested in an off-grid solar system?  Contact Us today for a custom tailored design to suit your needs.

off the grid solar system diagram.

To the left is a simple diagram of an Off-Grid Solar Power System

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