Battery backups for solar energy

Solar Power for Emergencies: The Importance of Battery Backup Systems

In the midst of a global health pandemic, more and more individuals throughout Southern Georgia and Northern Florida are taking action to prepare for grid failure and be ready when disaster strikes.  In this article, we are going to outline the benefits of owning an off grid or battery backed solar energy system in a disaster scenario.

The Critical Uses for Solar Electricity

If you own an off grid solar energy system, then you will be able to continuously generate and store electricity to use in your home, no matter what is going on in the outside world.  For the purpose of survival, solar energy can be used to store food, pump water and power electronic devices.

Food Storage

In most off grid cabins or remote solar setups, users will utilize a small fridge in order to keep food from spoiling.  The best way to minimize the amount of energy lost to power your storage device, is to choose a “chest” style fridge or freezer that opens from the top, rather than the side.  When the grid goes down, you will be extremely happy to have an electric fridge or freezer, rather than relying on trips to the store for dry foods and ice.

Water Pumping

In the event of a grid failure, many of the pumps, valves, and timers that moderate city and rural water supplies may fail as well.  If you have a well pump, having an off grid or battery backed solar energy system allows you to continue pumping fresh water for your household.  If you do not have a well pump, an electric stove can be used to purify water collected on your property.


There are many electronics we take for granted on a daily basis that are going to be necessary during hurricanes, tornadoes, wars, or pandemics.  For starters, having a backup source of electricity can power phones and computers to communicate with friends and family. Secondly, health saving devices such as CPAP machines that require electricity will need a continuous source of power as well.  Although it may seem like a luxury in a disaster scenario, electricity is extremely important in making it out alive.

The Best Solar Equipment for Emergencies or Disasters

In order to help our customers be prepared for any disaster scenario, the Georgia Solar Pros have carefully selected and sourced the best equipment for solar energy storage and use.  For the most amount of energy independence possible, we primarily utilize Sol-Ark battery and inverter systems to power our customers’ homes.

Sol-Ark systems are designed for prolonged off-grid use for continuous, efficient solar energy production and storage.  Sol-Ark’s products are protected against EMPs, cyberattacks, and Solar Flares in order to protect both the inhabitants and homes of solar energy system owners.

If you are interested in learning more about possibly adding an off grid or battery backed solar energy system to your home, you can contact the Georgia Solar Pros.  We can answer all of your questions and help you prepare for any disaster by achieving energy independence.

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